Green Tea

A short story about green tea…or is it?

Instruments of Murder

Instruments of Murder: A retired detective fears a sensational headline reveals a sinister secret!

Summer Business

A teen learns a horrifying secret when she trespasses in the local lighthouse during her family’s annual beach vacation.

Green Tea (Part 3) (that rhymes!)

“How did Leo get his ‘M’ after all?” Your hands flow over the cat in question, his striped and spotted fur rippling with occasional pleasure at your touch. Firelight has turned you to rusty gold, Leo to dull pewter.  I think myself pale and clouded as alabaster, the very stuff of paperweights and ash trays…

Green Tea, Part 2

Leo, I envy your position, secure atop the wide-wale corduroy trousers your master favors.  You great striped melon of a cat, smiling at me, winking your heavy-lidded half-moon eyes. “And the landlady of the place kept some little mite in the kitchen—a scrubber and fetcher, I suppose.  Ragged but clean—I imagined her a gypsy, of…