Late summer symphony for spiderweb

Spiderweb across the trail,
Falls on my forehead like a veil–
Causing me to shriek and flail–
Which makes said web an epic fail!


The Go-Go’s Or The Stay-Stay’s?

I was on vacation last week. Staycation, actually; I had planned to go the beach with a friend but the trip got cancelled, which left me with a week off of work and no place to go.

No place, that is, except home–which according to Dorothy Gayle of The Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like.

Smellovision 2011

It’s been blackberry winter for the last couple of days–cool, gray, overcast, and too chilly for comfort without a sweater and socks. Not the merriest May weather, but today was definitely better–much warmer and lots of sunshine.  Regardless of the weather, the time of year–and the addition of a spry little terrier into my life…

Sideshow (Part V)

It was impossible for Rosemary appreciate the scene before her; Norah’s vast rump hung almost to the floor on both sides of the red velvet stool and she trembled all over with excitement and the effort of not crying—not yet.  Marko the Magnificent caught her eye and gestured once with the tip of his leather…

Sideshow (Part IV)

It was easier than she ever imagined for Rosemary to run away with the circus.  She simply lingered on the porch after supper until Aunt Fanny finally went to bed, grumbling about night chills and willful, headstrong girls and what was the world coming to when children didn’t do as bid by their elders.  Earlier,…