Green Tea

A short story about green tea…or is it?

The Porch

Time brings changes to all lives, but when your roots run deep, you can never really lose the people and places you’ve loved…

Deliver Me

Lots of couples get divorced. Plenty share custody of their kids. Life goes on…but not always smoothly and perfectly. This short story is an hour out of life on a Sunday afternoon. Does it ring any bells for you?


Before I continue “North to Alaska,” I thought I’d add this post to the mix: Terminal is a piece of short fiction I wrote several years ago. It was inspired by a wintertime visit to Mt. Pisgah…and the thought of how quickly things can change from delightful to…terminal. (Terminal was published in the October 2006 issue of…

Sideshow (Part VI)

“The ring, Jack?” Marko prompted, and Rosemary became aware that Jack was already there on the carousel, waiting for her. His long, cool fingers closed over Rosemary’s hand and she flinched, just a little, although he had warned her he grew his fingernails long as part of his act. Rosemary heard footsteps. The Incredible Frog…