Nevin’s Gift

“Nevin’s Gift” was published in Appalachian Heritage in August 1997. When I wrote it, I was thinking of the story of my grandfather’s parents–my grandfather told us how his father left the mountains of eastern Tennessee to travel over to Hot Springs, telling his family he was going to find ‘the prettiest girl there’ and marry her. This isn’t their story, exactly, but it has elements of the time and place…enjoy!

Chicken, Fried (Part II)

There are lots of good fried chicken joints in the world, and I’ll gladly chow down at any of the million places you can go…but there’s just no fried chicken like my mama’s…

Chicken, Fried; Beans, Green; Tea, Iced (Part I)

Years ago, my grandmother (on my father’s side) asked to be served a chicken thigh (the dark meat section above the drumstick), but she couldn’t think what to call it. She said, “You know, the chicken’s hip,” to describe the piece. We, of course, have never called it anything else!

Feral Friday: Bride of Pan

Word got back to him that his likeness was taking shape in the art room, and I remember looking up from the painting one day to see him standing on the sidewalk outside the studio, watching his face come to life on canvas…