Farmer's Market

Haven’t blogged lately; have been traveling to other locales and checking out their locavore action. More on that topic later. As a family (parents, siblings, in-laws and offspring), we generally get together every Saturday night and have dinner. Last night was no exception, except that dinner came almost entirely from the WNC Farmer’s Market. The…

Staff of Life (Part 2)

Flip it upside down on the counter where it slips from the pan with a steamy sigh of pleasure (which sounds more like a description of “porn-bread,” perhaps, but we are, after all, talking about an object of desire).

Staff of Life (Part 1)

A pinch, a scoop, a sprinkle; a splash, a dollop, a dusting; heaped-up or just the least little bit.  About that much, but not much more than that—these are words for measuring cornbread.