Try To Remember The Kind Of September…

On this anniversary of September 11, 2001, I wanted to share my thoughts (doesn’t everybody?). To paraphrase a line from “Dirty Dancing” (and with apologies to both the late Jerry Orbach/’Dr. Houseman’ and Patrick Swayze/’Johnny Castle’): “Nobody puts America in a corner!”

Chicken, Fried (Part II)

There are lots of good fried chicken joints in the world, and I’ll gladly chow down at any of the million places you can go…but there’s just no fried chicken like my mama’s…

Chicken, Fried; Beans, Green; Tea, Iced (Part I)

Years ago, my grandmother (on my father’s side) asked to be served a chicken thigh (the dark meat section above the drumstick), but she couldn’t think what to call it. She said, “You know, the chicken’s hip,” to describe the piece. We, of course, have never called it anything else!

Merry Christmas, Asheville-style

During the holiday season, you may meet Santa and his BFF–a large St. Bernard mix dog wearing festive antlers–on the streets of Asheville. This Santa isn’t just another jolly old elf wannabe–Asheville’s Santa has his own reasons for wishing everyone he sees a merry Christmas.