Feral Friday: playing possum…

Found a smattering of scattered bones in the woods recently and knew they belonged to a ‘possum I’d seen a few months ago, slowly decomposing on the trail. Most of the ‘possum was there in March, and I wondered about it: had it died on the trail? Was it roadkill being carried home for supper by an enterprising member of the family Canidae, and if so, why didn’t it get all the way home?

Possum skull with a wisp of fur snagged on one of its 50 sharp teeth

While possums tend to be viewed negatively (sneaky-looking nocturnal marsupials that hiss when you speak to them in your backyard), they’re actually kind of neat, as these 10 facts about possums illustrate.

The more I get to know about them, the more I like them. Even if they do hiss at me in my own driveway. And as for that irritating apostrophe that technically is supposed to precede the word ‘possum if you don’t use opossum? I think I’ll call it a ‘postrophe.

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  1. Azealanne says:

    An enjoyable piece! I had a similar experience of recent when I was frequented with a mother head little fatty possum on a daily basis for a bit over a week. My neighbor, much more concerned than myself, was proclaiming “danger,” for she was positive that a possum in the daylight meant rabies for sure. Master of research that I claim to be, I studied on the pertinent question at hand, and found that wasn’t necessarily always the case. Poor little fatty was simply searching for food, to feed what looked to be about 8 more little baby fatties behind the old shed! I think they found better digs, as they were gone a couple of weeks later. I did find a note, though. “If you happen to see the paterfamilias little fatty possum, please make mention of child support!”

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