Feral Friday: Cave Woman

I hope you’ll feel the pull between the beauty of the natural world this woman experiences around her, and the pull of the past that makes her turn away from what is and what could be to what was…

Gomming & Yowing

Sometimes, when I’m writing, I wonder where things come from–thoughts, ideas, images–of people and places I never knew. I wonder…but I don’t worry (well, unless it’s something really weird!). I just try to be grateful enough (which is impossible) for such a gift which, if I’d been able to choose, would have been my pick from amongst all the possibilities. (I would probably also picked a bit of femme fatale, but you can’t have everything!)

For some reason, this poem has been on my mind lately–it’s one I wrote quite a long time ago, and it still makes me sad to think of the woman in the poem always blaming herself for a tragic accident that was not her fault, and gradually withdrawing from the world so she could live with her memories. I appreciate it having been printed in WNC Woman in 2007–there are very few thrills for writers that…

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Edna says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Tears…yes, thank you for the tears. They needed to be shed.

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      Thank YOU for reading and for your kind words!

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