Feral Friday: Turkey-Lurkin’ At Bele Chere

Forget the “People of Wal-Mart” sites; when Bele Chere rolls into Asheville, you’re liable to see anything downtown. Tawdry topless protesters? Check. Every imaginable type of tattoo on every imaginable inch of skin? Check.

This guy? Well…he was perched on one of the bronze turkeys in the middle of Pack Square, eating some kind of street food. Turkey-lurkin’, you might say.

It’s an odd scene, but I do have to give him credit for having his backside mostly still covered by his shorts–that puts him way out of Wal-Mart’s league!

Shirtless man sitting astride a bronze turkey statue

(If he’s your grandfather or your husband or Bob’s-your-uncle and you’re ready to be offended by this picture, please remind yourself that he was the one who decided to sit on a bronze turkey right out in public. The turkeys don’t look too thrilled about it, either.)

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  1. Evan D. says:

    Makes me look forward to my next trip up 😉 Hopefully it’ll be too cold in December for sunbathing.

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