Feral Friday: Roomis Igloomis

The constant rain this summer has kept everything damp and soggy, and that’s just the kind of atmosphere mushrooms seem to like. I’ve seen several varieties this year that I’ve never seen before–where they hide during dryer seasons?

The mushroom pictured below reminded me of the mushrooms in Disney’s Fantasia–the ones that were dancing to Tchaikovsky’s “Chinese Dance” from his Nutcracker Suite (that’s the part that represents tea from China).

Unlike those animated ones, this little mushie seems a bit contemplative standing atop a damp log, hands (if he had any) folded into his robe, and his cap angled down so his face is not visible.

Another option might be the way in which “The Testy Tastemaker” (a.k.a. Mayer Rus, Design Editor of House & Garden) once described chintz fabric, saying that it tended to be covered in “wise, wizened, mandarins.” That’s apt for this little solitary figure on the log; he IS a bit wizened and the wisdom of ages is implied by the white, fuzzy “beard” down around his feet.

In the end, however, there’s no mushroom-related information more iconic than the classic episode of “Gilligan’s Island” in which Mary Ann dreams she’s suffering from a severe case of Roomis-Igloomis. Catch the clip here, and have yourself a happy Feral Friday!


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