Toad Abode

Terra cotta toad house with two figures on topYears ago when I worked in retail, I had a habit of buying things as I unpacked them, before they ever went out on the shelves for display.

We got in a shipment that included toad houses (a small shelter that provides a dark, cool, moist spot for toads during the day so they’ll be encouraged to stay in your yard or garden and eat yucky bugs all night) and the one pictured here was so cute and odd that I snapped it up immediately.

Since then (nearly 20 years), the toad house has been inside my house, amusing me, but not doing much to encourage toads. Realizing that life is short–and wondering if I’d gone through a Dominique Francon period of buying things simply so that no one else could have them–I put the toad house outside this week. (That seemed more reasonable than pushing it down the elevator shaft, as Ms. Francon might have done!)

If you know a toad who’s looking for a home, send it my way…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. vamosverde says:

    Where’s the photo?

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      Hmm…it shows up on the link on my Facebook page; not sure why it doesn’t on the post. I think I need to change my design and get a more photo-friendly layout.

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