Happy Endings!

When Dixie* arrived in my life in early May, one of my sisters noticed her feet and commented that they looked like she’d led a hard life so far.

It was true; Dixie’s feet were rough and cracked and had a permanent haze of red clay over them. (Her little dog forearms were shaved, too, where she’d had an IV in each of them because she’d been so sick when her original people finally took her to the vet.)

My sister said she’d be glad when Dixie’s feet looked better, like she was being cared for and had a better life.

Last weekend, Dixie and Teddy and I were outside, enjoying the late afternoon sun in early September. Dixie stretched out and put her belly in the cool grass, giving me an unobstructed view of her feet:

I remembered what my sister had said, so I took a quick pic and sent it for review. Her response? “Feet definitely look more prosperous.”

It’s not the end of the story–I could blog on and on about my dogs–but it does feel like we’ve reached a good place in which Dixie’s forearms are now properly shaggy again and she has happy, healed feet!

(Read Dixie’s rescue story here.)

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