Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Rescue me / Take me in your arms / Rescue me / I want your tender charm / ‘Cause I’m lonely / And I’m blue / I need you / And your love too / Come on and rescue me

 –Fontella Bass; 1965

So…when it comes down to the call of nature answering the call of an animal in need, who rescues whom?

A completely unexpected rescue mission began last week when my biological clock–which has always ticked to the beat of a different drummer–suddenly began alarming me.

Let’s face it–Teddy will be three years old on May 16. He’s settling down a bit. No longer chewing my shoes to shreds, no longer cutting his leash in half with just a few snaps of his scissor-like teeth.

What’s a mother to do? Simple: get another “baby” and start all over again.

Enter Dixie: a yard-dog from way up in Watauga County. Six months old and got into some majorly moldy food, which made her sick and caused neurological symptoms. Her people took her to the vet, but were unable to pay for her treatment. The very nice vet treated her, spayed her, and took her in as a foster-pup with her own dogs. Another friend put her picture and description on Facebook to see if they could find a home for her.

Dixie, as she appeared on Facebook

A friend of mine saw the Facebook post and thought Dixie looked a lot like Teddy, and the rest is history. Or beginning to be history–Teddy wasn’t thrilled to be a big brother at first and he did NOT ask to get a sister for his birthday–but he’s beginning to get used to Dixie and get his nose back in joint, so to speak. After all, he’s been an only-dog for nearly three years and I haven’t provided the most effective discipline for him (I tend to smooch him rather than correct him).

Teddy and Dixie learning to walk together on their “double-dog-dare-you” leash

So…Dixie gets a new home, Teddy gets a new sister, and I get that second baby I didn’t even know I wanted until I saw Dixie’s little dog face in a Facebook post. And my biological clock? Well, let’s just say that I quietly turned off the alarm, pulled the plug out of the socket, and put the whole thing on a shelf in the attic where I hope I never hear from it again!

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