30 Pieces Of Silver…And Gold…And…

In the aftermath of having so much of my jewelry stolen out of my house last Friday, I set out to catalog the first 30 pieces that came to mind, to see how many I remembered, and what were the memories associated with them.

I’m estimating that I lost more than 200 pieces of jewelery altogether–all because someone wanted quick cash more than they wanted to respect my property. This person or persons knows there’s almost no likelihood they’ll be caught, either–it was just a quick ‘crime of opportunity’ with no real clues or leads left behind. They may be able to pawn a couple of the pieces, but the rest is just costume jewelry that will end up at a flea market or worse–thrown away because it’s not valuable enough to pawn or sell.

Luckily, thieves can’t steal our memories, so here are the 1st 30 pieces of jewelry that came to my mind–each with its story and why it meant something special to me:

  1. Brightly-colored crystal earrings in green, purple, yellow, and white around a central orange crystal (street market in France; 2005).
  2. Three different kinds/colors of amber “flowers” on a vine earrings (a gift from Cindy on our GMA/NYC trip in 2009).
  3. Long, dark green lacquered teardrop earrings w/flowers & leaves in olive (Greek Festival in Asheville; mid-2000’s).
  4. Yellow enameled trees earrings (purchased at Lulu Bebe in Anchorage, AK; 2009). Those are the earrings I’m wearing in the picture that goes with this post. They were only $6, but they looked nice and always reminded me of Alaska…
  5. Matte gold disks with purple stones earrings (41st birthday present to myself; Marble Lion; 2010).
  6. 1″ hunks of amber earrings (21st birthday present from a close friend who passed away in 1998).
  7. Ovals of cloudy blue Roman glass earrings set in silver wire (purchased at Jimmy’s Bazaar in Jerusalem, Israel; 1998).
  8. Laurel Birch birds-of-paradise earrings (received as high school graduation present; 1986).
  9. Purple titanium disk earrings (birthday gift from same friend in #6).
  10. 1″ amber oval earrings set in sterling silver ‘frame’ with waves on one side (29th birthday gift from same friend in # 6 & 9).
  11. Dangling lapis lazuli rounded triangle earrings in sterling silver (designed by Michelle Alexander; purchased at Biltmore Village Craft Show; 2008-ish).
  12. Black glass triangle earrings shot through with purple and orange; framed in sterling; with a gold “face” applied to the glass, a bead dangling off the chin, and spikes of sterling “hair” (Biltmore Village Craft Show; 2010-ish).
  13. Double-headed dragon watch, covered in sparkly crystals (Chico’s; 2010).
  14. Michael Wind signature lacquered cotton ball bracelet with initial “J” attached on a disc (Biltmore; 2010).
  15. Princess-cut cognac diamond stud earrings (.5 carat each) set in gold (35th birthday present to self; purchased in anger after a bad break-up with a penny-pinching jerk).
  16. Art Deco sterling ring with black and green pearls (eBay)
  17. Gold and diamond necklace (eBay)
  18. Assymetrical purple and green glass dangle earrings (birthday gift from a long-ago friend).
  19. Purple & pink shell & stone necklace (The Ark; Oxford, England; 2004).
  20. Purple glass teardrop earrings with flowers painted on inside of glass (bought at TS Morrison’s with my gift certificate for 2nd place that I won in their Christmas tree decorating contest; 1995).
  21. Black Victorian vintage button earrings with geckos in the center (Bele Chere; mid-1990s).
  22. German hand-painted vintage button earrings (gift from Cindy Roberts in 2010).
  23. Enameled pin featuring a monkey eating a banana and playing a banjo…with his feet (Street Fair; purchased with money from  2000 O. Henry Short Fiction Contest prize).
  24. Colored resin “word art” bracelet with phrase ‘I came here to live out loud’ (Eastern Market in Washington, DC; 2000).
  25. Brighton enameled daisy earrings & bracelet (late 30’s birthday gift from Karen Munson).
  26. Gold gecko earrings with gold crystals down their backs (Chico’s; several years ago).
  27. Enameled 3-line blue racer skink pin (Christmas gift from late 80’s/early 90’s).
  28. Vintage mosaic bracelet featuring each of the 7 hills of Rome (a gift from a strange old cat lady in the mid-70’s).
  29. 1″ amber pendant on a chunky gold chain (21st birthday gift from my mom; matched earrings in #6).
  30. Varnished cross-section “slices” of walnut shell earrings from the Burnsville Craft Show (congratulatory gift from a co-worker for the O. Henry win in 2000).

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  1. Big Brother says:

    It occurs to me that this wasn’t entirely random. No one breaks in and takes only jewelry unless they planned it that way; no one borrows a pillowcase if they planned it very well. Costume jewelry isn’t hard to recognize, unless one is either dumb, panicky, or in a big hurry.

    It suggests local “talent” that believes you rich and therefore likely to have small, valuable things like jewelry – to the point that they didn’t look for anything else, or maybe they had no easy way to transport bigger stuff? Are there any teenagers next door, or across the street? I doubt many modern lowlifes would cross the mountain – where did they park a car? Dropoff and pickup is a possibility, maybe that explains why they rushed.

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      I’ve thought of all those things and wonder if it was someone who knows my work schedule (how creepy is that to have someone watch you come & go?). They also searched for Rx drugs, of which I have none. And they carefully set aside a piece of fragile pottery to get to the cabinet behind it, which is weird–why not just throw it down and break it?

      Whoever it was, they picked the wrong house–I don’t have anything worth stealing! My costume jewelry is only valuable to me because of the memories associated with it. Sigh…what’s this world coming to? (As if I didn’t know!)

  2. ltbrwnhare says:

    Happy little update: I was able to find another #13 on Ebay, so I replaced my double-headed dragon watch, and #19 turned out to be in hiding, not stolen (and I’m wearing it right now!).

    These things make me smile! : )

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