Feral Friday: Seeing Red!

I was looking forward to crafting a light-hearted post today…until I came home and discovered my house had been broken into, and all my jewelry stolen. That was a nasty surprise–the thieves came in through a window and went out through the front door with all my jewelry–none of which has any great value to anyone but me–in a pillow case they stripped off my pillow. Yuck!

As icky as this is, and as surely as I’ll probably never again see my favorite earrings that I bought at a street market in France, I have to keep it in perspective: neither Teddy nor I were home, so it’s just “stuff” that was taken. Stuff can be replaced; my life and the life of my hairy little terrier cannot.

In the midst of being so angry that I’m literally “seeing red,” I wanted to share a wonderful sign that a friend recently shared with me–seeing it just now made me stop frowning and smile all over again, which I needed to do. Thanks, MD, for the great reminder that being a redhead is worthy–possibly even demanding–of its own sign! (And if you don’t agree, I’ll probably throw the “hissie fit” mentioned just above it!)

P.S. This sign and many others wonders are available at Duck Alley–a delightful little gift shop located at 32 W. Main in Saluda, NC. Get on down the mountain and get you one!

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  1. Well, in spite of all that happened, it makes me totally smile that something as simple as a pic of a cute sign could help take your mind off of negative thoughts and bring a little joy to your life! I’m so glad that I could be s part of that.
    As that curious poster on your wall says, “Keep Calm, and Carry On!”
    Keep up the awesome attitude, Miss Jeanista!

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