Feral Friday: Octo-cal Illusion!

Got to be one of the neatest video clips. Ever!

Dr. Roger Hanlon of the Marine Biological Station (Woods Hole, MA) filmed this amazing bit of undersea camouflage about 10 years ago, and it was recently featured on NPR’s “Science Friday” segment.

Octopus camouflaged as Rorschach test...

Not being much of an NPR fan myself, I discovered it posted as someone else’s Facebook status and thought how perfect it would be for my weekly Feral Friday post. (So many people choose to do a Wordless Wednesday post that I wanted to differentiate a little…I’m certain that by now, Dear Readers, it comes as no surprise to you!) 

Anyway, from now on, I’m going to think of Octopus vulgaris (or the Common Octopus) as a form of “under-see life” rather than undersea life!

Has this child any "inkling" what she's eating?

And one more thing…here’s the link: 10397.swf

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