Spoiler Alert: Secret Identity Revealed!

Every morning, I wake up, slip into my personal phone booth (which doubles as a shower), and emerge as my mild-mannered alter-ego: Marketing Girl. In this super-shero role (‘super-heroine’ is the correct term, but sounds too much like an illegal substance you buy in an alley), I take on whatever the day holds!

First things first, though; I tuck my Crackberries into my utility purse, help my hairy little sidekick Ted Noir into his costume (harness and leash), and we take off in a zoom-zoom of last minute drama regarding his inability to not add dirty little footprints to MY costume. I drop him off at his post to begin taking a bite out of crime (and possibly some ankles, as well) and sniffing out Trouble.

"Don't worry about your utility purse, Marketing Girl--Ted Noir is on the job!"

And yes, I said Crackberries–plural. Dueling Crackberries (cue the banjo music!), no less, with direct lines for both my real life and for my secret identity as Marketing Girl!

Ted Noir demonstrates his 'faster than a speeding bullet' look!

I drive off faster than a speeding bullet (how do you cope with rush-hour traffic when you’re already late?) and arrive at work to begin my super-shero day. More powerful than a locomotive? I’d better be, if I plan to schlep my utility purse and lunch and everything else I tend to drag around with me on a daily basis–while wearing regulation super-shero heels! Leaping to the top of a tall building with a single press of an elevator button? Check!

In order to keep myself focused at work and prevent any marketing malaise, I always keep some counter-measures handy in my utility purse:

  1. Chill-pills (I favor Choward’s Violet Mints because they’re pretty and taste purple),
  2. De-Frazzler (an amusing cartoon or  quote that always makes you laugh)

    Love-At-First-Sight Pet Shop (George Booth; "Omnibooth")

3. Ventilator (a good friend who’s just a text away).

Are you surprised to see how easy it is to be a super-shero? (It’s a little harder to be a super-hero since they’re only issued a utility-wallet and it doesn’t hold nearly as much stuff.)

And then it’s time to go home and resume my ordinary identity as a writer/blogger/painter/terrier-caretaker, carefully hanging up my super-shero suit and Teddy’s crime-fighting togs to be ready the next time duty calls. Feels good to change back into a pumpkin after a long day in Marketing Girl’s shoes…

Marketing Girl's Official Yellow Super-Sandals...
With 4-inch cork heels (no wonder Marketing Girl slips into something more comfortable as soon as possible)!
Two pumpkins at end of another long day...

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherri Mauney says:

    I KNEW that was you!

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      Shhh! Don’t tell anyone what Teddy & I do as our “day jobs!”

  2. Cindy Roberts says:

    What a fab-u-lous life Marketing Girl leads. I want to be her when I grow up.

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      But you’re already Transmission Girl, which is a huge adventure every day! P.S. I think you should blog about the adventures of Big Daddy & Puppy Boy!

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