Feral Friday: Foolish Kisses

There are all kinds of kisses in the world–including foolish ones–and this is one of my favorites: being kissed by a fool (literally!) just outside the Tower of London.

Kissed by a fool

I like the modern cityscape behind us (especially the ‘Gherkin,’ as that odd, pointy, pickle-shaped building to the left is known) contrasted with the age and history of the Tower.

And I like the fool’s cap*, too, in all its foolishness, as well as his slightly prominent front tooth. I wonder who he’s fooling today, or if a less-foolish employment opportunity has been awarded him since then?

Whatever the rest of the story, thank goodness for Feral Fridays and foolish kisses!

* Apparently there IS a connection between a fool’s cap and the type/size of paper that bears the same name…who knew? I feel foolish (not really)!

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