10 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Over 40

I decided recently to go ahead and have a mid-life crisis. I’m 42, after all, and if I live to be twice that age (84!), I’ll be right in line with the average lifespan for American women. I hope to reach three digits of course, and be interviewed by some chirpy little newscaster who visits me in ‘the home’ and asks me the secret of such a long life while I preside over my birthday cake with a plastic tiara clinging precariously to my little nodding dandelion-fluff head…

My mid-life crisis motto...
Lots of things are hunky dory when you're over 40--honest!

But I digress. I’m ready for my mid-life crisis while I’m still young enough to enjoy it!

In preparation, I was thinking of all the things that I’ve learned since I passed the portals of my fourth decade, and I decided to share the first 10 “deep thoughts” that came to mind. Here are my Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Over 40, in no particular order:

  1. I can go to the grocery store while looking like The Wreck of the Hesperus and it doesn’t bother me.
  2. While at the grocery store, I can use the little “elder-wagon” baskets on wheels…and not worry about that, either!
  3. Some of the most irritating, unfair decisions my parents made during my childhood make perfect sense to me now.
  4. Spending a Friday night reading aloud to my mother makes me feel like a winner rather than a loser. (Our current selection: In Search of King Solomon’s Mines by Tahir Shah. Completely fascinating account of Shah’s travels throughout Ethiopa in search of…well, you get the idea!)
  5. I’m earning an advanced degree in the inexhorable Law of Gravity…and I don’t even have to study for it!
  6. So many things that were vitally important 20 years ago now seem vaguely ridiculous, if I remember them at all.
  7. I understand now that I can’t “fix” anybody else and the only behavior/actions I can change are my own.
  8. In real life, the movie stars & pop idols don’t look like they do in the magazines, either. Real life is “unretouched.”
  9. If you’re not yet over 40, you won’t believe what sun damage and gravity will do to you–and how fast it will happen! (See #5 & #8.) Not familiar with the term Cooper’s Droop or the shock of discovering that you’ve begun to sprout stray eyebrows on your chin? You will be, soon enough!
  10. Well-behaved women rarely make history…because they’re too busy cleaning up the messes and the drama and the damage left behind by less-well-behaved women.

I could go on and on, of course, but as the ever-toothsome (even as an octogenarian!) Sir Sean Connery said in The Untouchables, “there endeth the lesson.” For now, anyway!

To the grocery store...and beyond!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mtnsmith says:

    Thank you for #10! As one passes forty (or even thirty, if they’re lucky) the whole feminist roar thing becomes less and less appealing. Who has the energy to roar when they must clean the bathroom AND make supper, all in the same day?

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      #10 is born of desperation and requires WAY too much effort to sustain (and way too much effort to scrape off the bumper sticker when you come to your senses.) Maybe #11 should be the F.I.D.O. Principle (Forget It & Drive On)!

  2. #7 – hardest lesson to learn EVER! I think this is my favorite of your many amazing posts. I’m once again floored by your wisdom! (and dang those chin “eyebrows”!)

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      They’re hard-won lessons that you don’t even realize you’re learning until you reach that magic 4-0…hope the big 5-0–which is YEARS away–is just as informative!

      P.S. Thanks a bunch for reading my blog and giving it a shout-out on your FB page–much appreciated!

  3. Big Brother says:

    >I can go to the grocery store while looking like The Wreck of the Hesperus and it doesn’t bother me.

    I’d try to avoid that: the Hesperus is nothing compared to a frowsy female with perfectly tattooed eyebrows. Picture the Hesperus’ bowsprit with a pierced nose and dreads.

    >Some of the most irritating, unfair decisions my parents made during my childhood make perfect sense to me now.

    Notably few of those irritating and unfair decisions ever seemed to apply to you!

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      This is Asheville, you know, so a pierced and dreaded bowsprit is not THAT unusual. Re: the irritating decisions: you were already a citizen of the world before many of my hopes were thwarted–you should’ve stuck around to see the fireworks!

  4. MICKY_D says:

    Brilliant insight on the aging process. Even though I’m a 36 yr old male, I agree with each of those points. Great blog! Love it!

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      Glad you agree! : )

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