Feral Friday: The Worm Has Turned!

Last Friday, I came home from work 1) a little early; 2) before dark; and 3) worked at the kitchen sink while it was still daylight. Those are three things I almost never do–especially all of them together–which makes me sure the convergence was meant to be…

While I worked at the sink (making fresh salsa for dinner–yum!), I looked out the window and noticed two birds hopping around on the ground. I looked closer, and saw that their nest–which had their FOUR babies with wide-open-shrieky-beaks still in it–had been a casualty of that day’s yardwork (my dad very thoughtfully trimmed back a section of an overgrown cedary shrub behind my house, but didn’t realize that a family of towhees were nesting in it).

Lunch is served!

The full story deserves a post unto itself, but I love this pic of the mother towhee bringing a nice juicy worm back to the nest for a late lunch!

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