More On “Gomming & Yowing”

Need more explanation of the G&Y concept? Check out this 2009 post from Explore Asheville — my friend Sherida helps you understand why eating (‘gomming’) and yowing (‘talking’) are the twin pillars that guard the entrance to all celebrations, get-togethers, bidness dealins, chats, funerals, meetings, dinners on the ground, and any other possible event where at least two people are eating and talking together in the South. (Or maybe just one person, if they’re talking to themselves–lawsy!)

Choix ce qui à "gom & yow" sur un marché (dans les les sud de la France, y'all)!

 Every culture in the world has some form of gomming & yowing, of course, but it’s truly an art form away down yonder below the Mason-Dixon line. Which reminds me; gotta pick up some more pickled okra before I head home (there are a few such staples without which no Southern pantry can be considered ready to produce a suitable G&Y atmosphere at a moment’s notice)!

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