Beer City Is “Here City”


If you’d have told me that Asheville would one day win Beer City USA 2011 honors (check out celebratory video from G Social Media) over major beer-towns like Portland, OR and Boston, I probably would have believed it. I’ve watched this town closely for most of my life, and I’ve focused primarily on the downtown area since 1985, when I decided that Wall Street–which was pretty much the only thing happening then–was way cooler than the mall.

Completely random downtown memories:

  • 1985: My sisters gave me a “raspberry beret” from Wings (on Wall Street). Can you guess what song was all the rage at that time?
  • 1986: Saw Weird Al Yankovic in concert in the ‘Thomas Woof Music Hall’ on Wall Street. (Venue named for the owner’s dog, I believe.)
  • Also 1986: I bought a pair of vintage rhinestone earrings at Lexington Courtyard (later became Vincent’s Ear, and  quite a few other things after that)–they cost more than my $25-on-sale prom dress that I got at the…mall.
  • 1988-ish: My friends and I watched a youth–clad only in rubber lederhosen–making some type of “arrangement” with a shadowy figure in a big Mercedes in front of the old Federal Building on Otis Street.
  • Late 80’s: I had my clothes nearly rained off as I ran down Patton Avenue from the BB&T Building during an annual Bele Chere monsoon. I ran through a river of water, holding my clothes up with both hands.

And now Asheville is being discovered right and left by the rest of the world (but some of us were Asheville, when Asheville wasn’t cool!).

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  1. Ella says:

    I, too, considered a Raspberry Beret an essential fashion statement and wore big vintage rhinestone earrings (er, I still do, actually. Just not in the daytime). So even though I am not in coolio Asheville, I think I should be allowed as an honorary member of your People-Who-Know-What-Cool-Really-Is Club.
    Best, Ella

    1. ltbrwnhare says:

      Had to laugh; just after seeing your comment, I turned on the radio and the current song was–of course–“Raspberry Beret!”

      Coincidence? No such thing! : )

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