Smellovision 2011

It’s been blackberry winter for the last couple of days–cool, gray, overcast, and too chilly for comfort without a sweater and socks. Not the merriest May weather, but today was definitely better–much warmer and lots of sunshine.

 Regardless of the weather, the time of year–and the addition of a spry little terrier into my life in September 2009–got me thinking about “smellovision” and I decided to revisit a post from June 2008. Teddy, the aforementioned terrier, lives in HD (High Dog) Smellovision, snuffling up scents as though his life depended on it (which on occasion, it might). It’s a grand thing to see him soaking up a world of smells and a great mystery to wonder what visions he gets from the odorous whorls whirling by.

To paraphrase the late great Wilson Pickett:  “Ride, Teddy, Ride!


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