Top 10 List (Sans Regrets)

More than eight inches of snow fell in the Asheville area, beginning Christmas morning. We’ve had the occasional “white Christmas” here before, but this amount is a new record for us. It’s beautiful and peaceful (if you don’t have to drive), and–of course–conducive to writing blog posts.

As always, there a were a million things I wanted to get done before Christmas, but there’s only so much time, energy, and money to work with, and some things just have to wait.  Here’s a Top 10 list, in no particular order:

  1. Send thoughtful, well-chosen Christmas cards with a warm, personal message for each recipient, on or before December 12.
  2. Bake cookies , bag them in festive cellophane, and give them as delicious little gifts of the season.
  3. Wrap each gift in pretty paper and ribbons (coordinated, of course), and enjoy the sight of them under the tree until Christmas morning.
  4. Attend a church service on Christmas Eve.
  5. Choose a name from a local “angel tree,” shop for gifts, and help make a disadvantaged child’s Christmas much brighter.
  6. Take time to think about the real meaning of Christmas and be truly grateful for all my many blessings.
  7. Go to at least one holiday event where, as my sister defines it, “a choir wears white tops and black bottoms and sings Christmas songs with an orchestra and maybe handbells.”
  8. Drive through neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights.
  9. Watch at least one classic holiday show or movie and recite the dialogue along with the characters.
  10. Keep the drama (shopping, baking, decorating, rushing around, spending money, battling crowds, worrying, hurrying, scurrying, grinching) to a minimum; keep the joy at maximum (Jesus as reason-for-season, sharing, caring, celebrating, singing, bells ringing, delighting in all the wonder of Christmas).

I accomplished some of these things; others may have to wait for next year. Regardless of whether or not I checked something off the list, though, it was a wonderful Christmas full of the people and feelings I love best.

Happy day-after-Christmas/Boxing Day to all–may your days be merry and bright!

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