The Maine Thing

Spent a wonderful week in Maine recently. They’re about two weeks ahead of us in fall color, so the leaves were already changing, and it looked like it would be a beautiful season.

Flew into Portland and stayed with a friend who lives on Pine Street. In 1994, I spent a semester at the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies (, which was located at 21 Pine Street (it’s moved a couple of times since then). My apartment was right next door, and in the last ten years or so, the space has become The Percy Inn ( Owner, innkeeper, and travel writer Dale Northrup has turned the entire place into an elegant establishment, right in the midst of Portland’s historic West End, just off of Longfellow Square. 

Kicked off my visit with dinner at DiMillos ( — a floating restaurant  located on a big boat in Portland’s harbor.

Sweet Leaves Teahouse in Brunswick, Maine
Sweet Leaves Teahouse in Brunswick, Maine

The next day, my friend and I visited Sweet Leaves Teahouse in Brunswick, Maine ( The setting is delightful–a large room that oozes the quiet conviviality of tea and conversation. We tried the special of the day–a lovely chicken salad sandwich with avocado and other good things; drank White Pomegranate Tea (described in the menu as Pai Mu Tan with Pomegranate , China , Organic: Smooth cup with hints of sweet fruit); and indulged in a trio of homemade sorbets flavored with cantaloupe, grapefruit, and watermelon. 

Went to Damariscotta after that and visited all the little shops I hadn’t seen in several years. I love Weatherbird, which features a small deli with all sorts of local foods and gourmet specialties, and also has a section featuring cards, clothes, body lotions–with an emphasis on the local and unique. 

Oh, what a lovely trip–and I’m still just recalling the first full day! More in the next post…

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