Raymond of London: A Retrospective

Today is Raymond Annen’s birthday. (I’d tell you his age, but then he’d have to kill me.) Besides, whoever said “age is just a number” was probably talking about Raymond, anyway!

I had an appointment last Saturday; just needed to look like myself again, don’t you know, and came away with a folder full of clippings that span more than four decades of Raymond’s career. We’re not just talking hair, here, either; his roles have included husband, father, Cajun chef, party planner, salon owner and more. Here’s a timeline, told in pictures:

Late 1960’s: As part of his Herrod’s Salon gig, Raymond of London provides insight into the world of Clairol color.

 Raymond\'s expert color advice

1975: Left: The Annen family (Raymond, Barbara, sons Scott and John and “Kim”, the family dog). Right: Raymond’s wife Barbara explains her “knack for knitting” with a home-knitting machine.

 Annen family in MilwaukeeBarbara Annen and her knack for knitting.

Circa 1977-78: Raymond of London brings his ultra-chic style to the heads of state (the state being Wisconsin) and expert advice on “the wedge.”

 Raymond of London arrives at Gimbels of Milwaukee.Raymond\'s \

1980’s: It’s not all about hair–Raymond cooks up a little Cajun magic (courtesy of his Baton Rouge roots) for an Asheville Symphony Guild dinner.

 Raymond cooks Cajun-style for the Asheville Symphony Guild dinner.


2008: Raymond carefully stores his aunt’s vintage scissors after another successful tiptoe through the tresses (said tresses being mine this time!).


2008: More awards for excellence!



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