Asheville City Market

Went to Asheville’s City Market last Saturday. It’s located in the parking area of the city’s Public Works Parking Lot on South Charlotte Street (yes, that’s the parking area for the “Taj MaGarage” if you remember the debate over its fairly grand exterior ) and has been operating for a couple of months. Lots of local vendors, including Spinning Spider Creamery (, Imladris* Farm (, Hickory Nut Gap Farm ( ), and many other locavores.

I arrived around 11:30 am (it’s open 8 am – 1 pm every Saturday from now through December-somethingth) and it was busy, but there were still parking spaces available. Lots of attractive baked goods, soaps, and herbs for sale, but not quite as much produce as I’m sure will be there in just another week or so when local gardens reach production levels.

Talked to Chris Owen of Spinning Spider; she’s offering Cheese-Making 101 over the course of the next few months. You can take a stand-alone class or the entire series, and the number of students is kept relatively small (eight or so) so all can see/hear and get some hands-on experience. I sampled some of the wares while I was at their booth, and if novice (or even professional) cheesemakers can get results like that, I say “take the classes!”

 Here’s the schedule:

  • June 15: The Fresh Cheeses
  • July 6: Feta and Ricotta
  • August 10: Bloomy Rind Cheeses
  • September 14: Raw Milk Aged Cheese

You can visit their website to register or for more information.

Sampling artisan cheeses at Asheville City Market

I’ve included some photos here and on my flickr page to set the mood:

 Nice graphic poster from the City Market

Cute sign advertising market specials


 *Yes, Imladris is an Elvish name for Rivendell, which I’m sure you’ll know if you happen to be a Lord of the Rings fan (a fan of the books, that is–the movies left something to be desired, if you’re a purist), and I’m sure the farm is a beautiful, peaceful place worthy of the association.


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