Round Up…

The heavenly Feta Burger from Three Brothers


1) Jimmy, one of the nice guys that runs Three Brothers Restaurant in Asheville, asked for my business card so he could call me when the restaurant plans to offer the hallowed Feta Burger special. He called last Thursday to let me know it would be the special on Friday–how’s that for customer service in this day and age? Needless to say, I made plans to go. Three of my office mates joined me and ordered the special, as well. (Warning: this post contains photographic evidence that may cause some readers to salivate!) 

2) A reader asked me about the pronunciation of huitlacoche:  It sounds like HWEET-luh-KOH-chay, more or less (emphasis on first and third syllables). Can also be spelled cuitlacoche and mean the same thing.

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  1. Friday-the-13th was my lucky day–Three Brothers had the Feta Burger Special again!

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