Too Far Afield?

I have been straying, lately, from the locavorism of my own town, but I figure that wherever you are at any given moment, that’s where you should be locavorating. Kind of like “bloom where you’re planted,” but more like eat/drink/observe/chronicle what’s happening around you, regardless of where it’s happening.

Could be construed as an excuse, of course, but I have had the local customs and foods and whatnot of other places on my mind recently. Elotes, huitlacoche, and now I’m feeling the pull to discuss the tres leche cake I enjoyed in Miami a couple of weeks ago.

Food is just so good, and such an easy way to keep memories fresh and connected, that I like to start writing about it and see where my locavoraciousness takes me.

Speaking of food: tried to order the fried-green-tomato-with-pimiento-cheese-and-bacon sandwich today at Magnolia’s (corner of Market and Walnut in downtown Asheville). They’ve enlarged their menu, and this sandwich is a really nice addition. Looking forward to it…but they had no green tomatoes to fry, so I had to revise my lunch game plan. Rats.

Put me in mind of an experience, years ago, at the Arby’s on Four Seasons Blvd. in Hendersonville. Went in to order a sandwich, but they were out of roast beef. Now that I think about it, that happened nearly 20 years ago, but it clearly made a lasting impression.

Puts me in mind of the following unconnected-to-food silliness: One night in class, we were covering different forms of mediation in the court system.

  • Me (whispering to study partner): “What’s an arbitrator?
  • Study partner: “Well, it’s when two disputing parties go to a third party for–“
  • Me: “Nope! It’s someone who refuses to sell roast beef!”

Enough, already. Restaurants do run out of things. Even Arby’s. Even roast beef.

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