What is a locavore?

Good place to start. I believe the word is credited to a San Fran group and basically means someone that buys/eats local food (farmers’ market, local produce, etc.). I’m pushing it a little farther to mean an interest in all things local–after all, I “consume” lots of local things: culture, food, music, art, air–I’m sure you get the point. So I plan to talk local, but I’m sure that will lead to other places/tangents/rabbit trails; we’ll see. Never having blogged before (I’ve responded to many posts, but never taken responsibility for one), I don’t know what to expect, even from myself.

Feel free to comment (unless you’re just being mean; in that case, think before you blast me, please!)


  1. ncrebel67

    Finally got around to sitting down and reading your blog, great job! I’ve actually been reading it for hours, you’re very good at holding a reader’s interest. Now I can follow all your updates!

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